“Scott Partridge is one of the few lawyers I know with the type of experience and expertise not often found among fellow lawyers. Private practitioner, representing both plaintiff and defendant companies, and distinguished in house counsel for an international corporation, Partridge knows how to “to get to ‘yes.’” Master litigation strategist, an expert in risk assessment, a claims administrator and an advocate of Alternative Dispute Resolution, he exhibits “one stop shopping” when it comes to offering his legal skills to a diverse clientele.”

- Kenneth Feinberg, Mediator and Claims Administrator, Former Special Master of the September 11 Federal Victim Compensation Fund -

“Scott Partridge’s leadership at Bayer, in charting new avenues to avoid and resolve disputes, establishes him as a uniquely creative pathfinder in dispute resolution. I can think of no one more capable in helping organizations find ways to resolve disputes than Scott.”

- Noah Hanft, Acumen ADR LLC Former General Counsel, Mastercard -

"As demonstrated by his accomplishments at Monsanto/Bayer, nobody knows more than Scott Partridge about resolving seemingly impossible, complicated, multi-faceted disputes. From worldwide intellectual property disputes with a powerful competitor to virtual bet-the-business mass tort, environmental, and regulatory litigation, Scott has brought to bear innovative and strategic dispute resolution techniques to make the impossible possible, finding ways to bridge gaps between zealous adversaries, and often simultaneously astounding stakeholders on opposite sides. But perhaps his most important – and rarist – quality is the ability to see things from both sides and to understand what has to be done not only to get a deal but to get it accepted – in his Board room, the other side’s Board room, a plaintiffs steering committee, or approving courts. These are the talents that have made Scott’s advice so sought-after at the International Institute for Conflict Prevention and Resolution and the Chief Legal Officers Council."

- Professor, (Ret.), Eric D. Green, Principal, Resolutions, LLC -

“Scott has a special mojo to see how to resolve complex problems. He perceives the issues on both sides of the V and his ability to create novel resolution strategies will be a boon to all who use him, plaintiff and defendant alike.”

- W. Mark Lanier, The Lanier Law Firm -

“Scott’s unique and diverse background, particularly his years in a leading business strategy role, has caused him to approach the resolution of major legal problems as requiring not just a legal solution, but rather incorporating the interests of all constituents and stakeholders. His creative “Think Tank” approach of bringing together people with distinct and varied areas of expertise has enabled Scott to lead and facilitate the creation of innovative and comprehensive resolutions to the most complex problems.”

- Michael Kramer, CEO Ducera Partners -

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Some Practical Considerations for Defending and Settling Products Liability and Consumer Class Actions

There has been an explosion in products liability and consumer class actions. Recent targets of class actions include the tobacco, handgun, laptop computer, health insurance, water heater, life insurance, and telephone service industries.

Navigating, Building, and Strengthening Relationships - University of California, Hastings College of the Law

By Debra Gerardi, Nancy Vanderlip, Scott Partridge, & Jeremy Lack