Why Partridge LLC?

When evaluating the current litigation environment in the United States – research, strategy, resources, risk assessment, and creative alternatives – Scott Partridge and Partridge LLC offer expertise, credibility, and experience in assisting clients in navigating the litigation landscape and formulating comprehensive strategies to resolve these challenges. Complex litigation, with emphasis on mass torts, class actions, and similar federal and state legal proceedings, needs the type of expertise offered by Partridge LLC.

“Scott has brought to bear innovative and strategic dispute resolution techniques to make the impossible possible, finding ways to bridge gaps between zealous adversaries, and often simultaneously astounding stakeholders on opposite sides.”

– Eric Green, Resolutions, LLC

Diverse Experience, Proven Results, Creative Solutions

Scott Partridge’s extensive background in dispute resolution and diverse experiences leading legal and commercial teams have created unique qualifications for Partridge LLC to assist parties in crafting strategic resolutions to complex, multi-dimensional problems or serving as settlement counsel to negotiate such solutions.

Problems posed by the current litigation environment often confound both plaintiffs and defendants. Defendant companies strive to determine with accuracy the volume of compensable claims, the structure, and influence of plaintiff counsel, trial capabilities, and the implications of investor litigation funding. Meanwhile, plaintiff firms in complex litigation map strategies to maximize their leverage.

Constructing Strategic Approaches

Scott Partridge and Partridge LLC provide full-service counseling in meeting the challenges confronting litigants in high risk disputes. An expert in litigation and trial strategy, Scott has also been in the vanguard over the past decades in designing, implementing, and administering creative alternatives to costly, inefficient, and uncertain litigation.

Scott Partridge has decades of experience participating in various alternative dispute resolution procedures. He personally has been involved in hundreds of mediations over the past decades, scores of arbitrations, and thousands of complex negotiations with adversaries and government regulators and agencies. Scott brings this extensive experience to client relationships, offering sound advice on the basis of hands-on participation in all aspects of alternative dispute resolution and claims administration.

Leading a variety of legal and business teams has provided me with a rich set of experiences dealing with disputes and forged my commitment to creating comprehensive solutions to complex problems. Too often, litigation drags on with tremendous cost to all parties. I partner with clients to build effective litigation strategies, timely explore settlements, and manage litigation and settlement efforts in parallel to create optimum solutions.

– Scott Partridge –